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Yamuna Ghat Delhi: Best place for Photography

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Yamuna Ghat is the Hidden Gem of Delhi, Yamuna Ghat situated near Nigambodh Ghat is a photographer’s and bird watcher’s delight, especially during the months of November-February where the area is full of migratory seagulls. Although developed by the British, this place now is a center for art exploration for […]

Street Portraits


With street portraits, my goal is to enjoy the process in an open and honest way, to make connections with strangers while making their portraits as well as capturing candid moments of every day life on the street. Lessons when shooting street portraits ? Talk while shooting and don’t feel […]

Street Photography at Chandni Chowk

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Street Photography at Chandni Chowk is the capturing of candid moments and daily life in public situations. Well street photography approaches art in the way that it can capture an insightful document of our times, combined with the vision, instinct and skill of the passionate photographer, who has a interest for […]

Animals Photography


Animal Photography is the Photography that i love to capture the beauty beyond general identity of animals and this is neither abstract nor fiction; for me all together is just like ‘Visual Poetries’, which can be perceived by the viewers, the way they want it. Colors,patterns, intensity, minimalism, peace, flow, […]

Sunset Photography


Sunset photography is a great way to show of your landscape photography skills. Sunset photography is not as easy as it sounds. It might seem like the nature will do the majority of the work for you. But the reduced amount of light and angle of the light source can make sunset photography challenging. Capturing […]

Macro Mobile Photography


Macro Mobile Photography, is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects and living organisms like insects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size. Macro photography allows you to explore and share worlds you never knew existed – however, it’s often viewed […]



Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.……………. Picture in Picture Picture in a Picture is a composition technique where you frame the subject of an image within a frame included withinthe image. So what does that mean? There are naturally […]