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Animals Photography

Animal Photography is the Photography that i love to capture the beauty beyond general identity of animals and this is neither abstract nor fiction; for me all together is just like ‘Visual Poetries’, which can be perceived by the viewers, the way they want it. Colors,patterns, intensity, minimalism, peace, flow, space, graphics,monochromes, depicting sentimental values, are probably
my subjects now and I thoroughly put my trust into them. I always enjoy capturing humble but expressive moments of nature and sharing the same with viewers of common interest, receiving immense appreciation in return. This had encouraged me to preen out of my professional career as a doctor & has provided me the freedom to thrive as an
artist. This very obsession of being an artist has fused me with myself. ‘Visual Poetries’ as a book belongs to certain places of wildlife in India where the pictures included depict not only the natural history of Indian wildlife but also the prettiness of diversified nature at distinct perspectives.

Animals Photography

Tips for Pets Photography

1:- Be Patient.

2:- Use a fast shutter speed, continuous focus, and burst mode.

3:- Try to attract with pets.

4:- Wait for perfect moment.

5:- Try to feed them in good manner.

6:- And then clicked your frame.

7:- For Editing use the Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed, these are some of the best mobile photography editing softwares.

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