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Yamuna Ghat Delhi: Best place for Photography

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Yamuna Ghat is the Hidden Gem of Delhi, Yamuna Ghat situated near Nigambodh Ghat is a photographer’s and bird watcher’s delight, especially during the months of November-February where the area is full of migratory seagulls.

Yamuna Ghat Delhi: Best place for Photography

Although developed by the British, this place now is a center for art exploration for photographers and other art lovers. Starting from 6:30 am, it’s delightful to watch the birds in action and locals engaged in rituals.

Yamuna Ghat Delhi: Best place for Photography

One can also opt for boating in the river and feed the birds. It’s an out of the world experience to be in the center of the river and watch the flock of birds flying above your boat.

Yamuna Ghat Delhi: Best place for Photography

Also, the place has some remnants of medieval and British architecture which is quite appealing.

Here are some of the tips for Mobile Photography at Yamuna Ghat:

1. You should always look at alternative points of view when taking your photos at any location. Most beginners will take shots from a standing position, but the beauty of the mobile is that it’s so small and light it can be used in places that a bigger camera wouldn’t work. You should consider getting down low and shooting from ground level.

2. Find art in simple movements, Belief always being prepared is the best way to capture any moment. Specifically, with the simple moments in our lives, we have to be carefully prepared not to overstep the boundaries and make that a moment more than it is. Also, we have to make sure to not be too slow on the shutter to miss it in its purest form. It just takes practice–lots and lots of practice. That’s how we get better at anything.

3. If you see something that catches your eye don’t just take one shot and hope for the best. The chances of getting a good photo with your first shot are very slim. You should take shots from various angles and distances.

4. Getting focus and exposure right is crucial in photography, but the composition is equally important. Without a good composition, your photo isn’t likely to be very eye-catching. The rule of thirds is one of the most useful composition techniques in photography. It’s an important concept to learn as it can be used in all types of photography to produce images that are more engaging and better balanced.

5. There are certain situations where the standard camera just won’t do justice to the scene you’re trying to capture. For example, you might want to take a shot of an expansive landscape, a cityscape or a wide building, but can’t fit everything in the frame. This is where you should use panorama mode.

Location 📍

Near Metro station Kashmere Gate Yamuna Ghat, Kashmere Gate ISBT, New Delhi, 110006.

Boat Charges :

50 Rupees per person 👤

Timing :

All days open
6:00 am to 7:00 pm

All the photos are captured by myself using my smartphone 

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