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What is Silhouette Photography? How to get Wonderful Silhouettes?


Silhouette Photography are a style of Photography in which your subject, whether it’s a person or a thing are close to or completely blacked out where as your background the thing that behind them is properly exposed could be a sky, could be a cityscape and when I say exposed I just mean properly lit and just to be clear.

Silhouette Photography

Silhouettes are an awesome style of photography to have in your arsenal for a couple of reason first of all they are very dramatic which can actually be said about both types of blacking out they’re also just a great way to make anyone look super awesome so if you are so if you want to take a photo of someone who might not be that beautiful so Silhouettes is a great move and one more thing that I want to tell you that you can shoot silhouettes on just any camera whether it’s a DSLR or even an smartphone.

Silhouette Photography

Tips to capture Perfect Silhouettes


Silhouette Photography

The most important thing to look out for
when taking a photo is to make sure that
your subject is in sharp focus. To set the focus on the iPhone camera you simply tap the screen where your subject is in the
frame. If your subject is moving around, make sure you tap the screen just before you take the shot to ensure that they are in focus.


Silhouette Photography

When you tap on the subject to focus on them, the camera will also use the focus point to set the exposure in the shot. Exposure simply refers to how bright or
dark the image is. Allowing the camera to set exposure on the focus point isn’t always ideal. For example, if the subject is in a dark area of the frame, this could lead to the overall image being over-exposed (too


If you are looking to click something from a closer distance, try to avoid using the LED flashlight, placed just next to the camera. Do not be in the misconception that the mobile flash can be used to freeze the action (long exposure image). Moreover, it kills the mood of the scene and can completely change the color temperature. Always look for the natural light source to illuminate your subject, to give it a professional touch.


When you are shooting silhouettes you should avoid using the HDR mode because to create a good silhouette you should make the foreground really dark with no details and the sky background may or may not have detail or be clipped as well.


USE both hands, one around the body and
one around the lens and hold the camera close to your body for support. Also, for handheld shooting, make sure that you are using a shutter speed that is appropriate for your lens’ focal length.

1 / Focal Length (in mm) Minimum Shutter
Speed (in seconds)

So, as an example, if you’re using a 100mm
lens, then your shutter speed should be no lower than 1/100th of a second.

All the photos are captured by myself using my smartphone 📱

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