Fruit Photography

Fruit Photography

Fruit photography is a specific genre of food photography, which is used for commercial and creative purposes. If we treat fruit photography in a creative manner, it is commonly fruit still life photography or conceptual photos. Commercial fruit photography is aimed at reveling and showing specific properties of a product (e.g. juiciness, palatability). 

Try to arrange your fruits neatly and with some sense of order—for example, if you’re photographing a bowl of apples and pears try to put an even amount of space between each type of fruit and arrange them so that they’re all sitting at slightly different angles—random, but in an organized way. If you’ve got a small bowl of fruit consider using an odd number of subjects (three or five)—that’s based on the rule of odds, which states that people are more comfortable looking at odd-numbered groups of objects than even numbers (odd numbers are dynamic, while even numbers are static).

Once your subjects are neatly arranged, set your camera up on a tripod and choose a fairly small aperture so you’ll get good depth of field from foreground to background. Depending on how much light is coming through that window, that may mean using a slow shutter speed(hence the tripod). Definitely don’t turn up your ISO—your goal is to capture detail, and higher ISOs may mean increased digital noise and muddy details.

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